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I like to write in red
of blood and passion,
carnal sin,
of violence and
blinding rage—

the words leap wicked off the page.

I like to write in green
the deepest forests
haunt my eye,
fertile fields and
ancient earth—

the path I trace back to my birth.

I like to write in blue
of endless sky and
whispered winds,
of rivers’ crawl and
foaming seas—

the depth of possibilities.

I like to write in black
of desolation,
searing fear,
of shadow lives and
tragic deaths—

this is how I count my breaths.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to PoisonPen.net

  1. William Haskins

    Hi Dianne,

    There’s no relation that I know of, but it sounds like he lived an interesting life. Best wishes on your search.


  2. Dianne Lewis

    Searching for relatives of William Clapp Haskins who was editor in early 1900′s during the building of the Panama Canal. He edited the Canal Zone Pilot a guide to Republic of Panama. He was with the Star and Herald Co. 1908.

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